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James Cameron wants 3D in the living room & everywhere else

By December 23, 2009Newswires

James Cameron wants 3D in the living room and practically everywhere else
by Geoff Boucher

James Cameron`s "Avatar" was the catalyst for numerous movie theaters around the world to finally install 3D technology. The director foresees the same scramble happening in the home, leading up to the Blu-ray release of the movie next year, and moving into the PC.

Despite the Blu-ray spec being finalized just last week, Cameron says he`s ready to sit down on his couch, throw on the goofy glasses and watch some eye-popping films. Doesn`t this technology need more time to incubate before we invite it into our living rooms?

"It`s not too early. I think it`s going to be great," Cameron said in an interview with G4`s "Attack of the Show" (video embedded below). "Everybody`s going to be scrambling around for 3D content. We can`t make these big, blockbuster movies fast enough."

Cameron doesn`t expect "Avatar" to be the main driver of the trend, as it was in theaters. Well, not the movie, anyway.

"I think as it comes into the home initially, it`s going to be sports, and I think it could be gaming," Cameron said. "The `Avatar` game is the first stereoscopic, 3D console game."

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