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Wired Explains: How 3-D Movie Projection Works

By December 22, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Wired Explains: How 3-D Movie Projection Works
by Brian X. Chen

Every few years you’ve probably watched a mainstream movie through a pair of glasses that make creatures, people and explosions pop out of the screen. And if you’ve bought into the massive hype, you were probably lining up this past weekend for James Cameron’s Avatar, which is screening in 3-D.

You might wonder, why can’t more movies be shown in 3-D? It would just take some post-production video rendering and a pair of stereoscopic glasses, right?

Actually, 3-D projection is a lot more complicated — and expensive — than one would think. In anticipation of Avatar, paid a visit to Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco to learn about the history of 3-D movie technology leading up to its current state.

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