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Cameron takes filmmaking to new dimension

By December 21, 2009Newswires

Cameron takes filmmaking to new dimension
Telling a good story is still paramount despite new technology, Avatar filmmaker James Cameron insists
by Kevin Williamson

LONDON — The film industry shouldn`t view 3D through rose-tinted glasses, cautions Avatar director James Cameron.

"I think we need to keep 3D in balance," he says. "I think 3D is enhanced cinema. But it`s still fundamentally cinema."

The message?

While Cameron is a tireless promoter of the next-gen format — he developed a new 3D camera system while shooting his underwater documentaries Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens of the Deep — he`s also shrewd enough to know technology can`t supplant storytelling.

"I don`t think you start rewriting the aesthetic rules of how you make a movie because it`s a 3D movie. Maybe this is one thing Avatar can achieve — an example of a mature use of stereoscopic 3D.

"It`s moved out of its adolescence to just be now a part of the cinematic art, used by serious filmmakers … I`m going to make all my movies in 3D, no matter what their subject.

"We`ll see if other filmmakers rise to that challenge."

They may have no choice.

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