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Cameron: `Avatar` success will take time

By December 18, 2009Newswires

Cameron: `Avatar` success will take time
Filmmaker in a `Zen state` at film`s L.A. premiere Wednesday
by Borys Kit

James Cameron said he was in a "Zen state" going into this weekend`s opening of "Avatar," though it`s the weeks after that he has set his sights on.

"I`m totally relived that it`s done," he said at Wednesday`s Los Angeles premiere. "All my decisions are behind me."

Whether he was in the Zen state at the Hollywood & Highland afterparty, which saw the complex`s ballroom transformed into the nightfall version of the movie`s fictional planet, Pandora, is another question. The filmmaker didn`t have moment`s peace, facing a constant barrage of well-wishers that made it tough for the man to even get to his wife and family.

Among the congratulatory crowd were filmmakers Michael Mann, Bryan Singer, Michael Bay and Joe Carnahan as well as actors who have worked with Cameron in the past, such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Bill Paxton.

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