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CE industry hopes `Avatar` is a hit

By December 18, 2009Newswires

CE industry hopes `Avatar` is a hit
by Erica Ogg

Besides a $300 million budget and James Cameron`s reputation, the movie "Avatar" is also heaving under the weight of the future of 3D entertainment.

When the uber-hyped 3D film opens on Friday, Hollywood studios will, of course, be closely watching the box office receipts. They won`t be alone: the consumer electronics and cable television industries are also hoping for a blockbuster. If "Avatar" is a hit, it could be what pushes 3D from the movie theater to the living room.

Chock full of big-budget fodder like computer-generated creatures from another world, as well as live-action human actors, the film is getting positive reviews, especially for the technological achievement. Already it`s been called "The Jazz Singer of 3D filmmaking," transforming 3D from a cheap Hollywood gimmick and embracing the full potential of what the technology can do.

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