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3D Blu-Ray Specs Finalized, But What About Your Gear?

By December 18, 2009Newswires

3D Blu-Ray Specs Finalized, But What About Your Gear?
by David Ayala

Today the Blu-Ray Disc Association announced that the codec for creating full 1080p 3D Blu-Ray content has been set, but will you need to upgrade your gear to experience the benefits? Not necessarily.

The 3D specification will use Multiview Video Coding, a variant of the ubiquitous H.264 HD codec, for the enhanced visuals. MVC will present seperate 1080p pictures to each eye, yet it will only take up 50% more space on the disc. You will still need to use polarized 3D glasses to see the effect, but the experience should be quite close to your typical theatrical 3D release (minus the popcorn in your hair).

For those of you ready to take a sledgehammer to your living room in shame of its newfound obsolescence, you may be surprised to know that not all your gear needs upgrading. First off, the 3D discs will be able to display in 2D, meaning you won`t have to choose between a 2D or 3D version at retail. Your current HDTV and Blu-Ray player will be able to handle the new discs fine and still give you room to upgrade your viewing experience in the future.

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