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First look at Sky 3D television – seeing is believing

By December 17, 2009Newswires

First look at Sky 3D television – seeing is believing

BSkyB will next year roll out 3D television for the first time across its UK and Irish networks, marking a major evolution towards real as real can be TV. Sky gave us an early glimpse of what’s coming.

As we troop into a room festooned with TV sets, one gigantic TV dominates the room. We’ve been promised a first-look at 3D television, a service that Sky intends to deploy across its network beginning in 2010. In the back of my mind I’m thinking, "Hold up, aren’t we just getting used to high definition and things like Blu-ray?"

As my eyes took in the room, I searched for some new magic box. Instead, there was what seemed to be an ordinary flat-screen 50-inch TV and a standard Sky HD set top box. On the table in front of us were what looked like horn-rimmed glasses that Buddy Holly would have been proud of, one of which was darkened over.

Wasting no time, Brian Lenz, director of product design and TV product development, and his colleague John Dorling, made it clear there will be no special 3D set top box, at least not to begin with. “We didn’t want to have to figure out how to bring a new set top box to market and we think the existing HD box is a good platform. From next year a number of high-definition TV models will come with a 3D-ready badge that are capable of recreating the 3D cinema experience.”

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