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2010 tech trends

By December 16, 2009Newswires

2010 tech trends
By Tech Mates

Every year, thousands of new products debut at the Consumer Electronics Show. Spotlight has a little inside information on some of the things we very well could be seeing at this year’s show (better known as the CES), held in Las Vegas from Jan. 7 to 10, 2010.

2010 in 3D
The big thing in entertainment at the CES will be 3D. With 3D movies like Up, Coraline and others performing very well at the box office, several influential companies will be introducing 3D-capable Blu-Ray players. As cool as that sounds, I’d lay off investing in any until a unified 3D-on-Blu-Ray standard becomes adopted. Just as those who invested in HD DVD players a couple of years ago (or Betamax players 20 years ago) know, there’s nothing worse than investing in a medium that has no media to play.

While none of the major video game console makers have introduced anything with 3D yet, they have hinted strongly that it’s coming. And many smaller manufacturers have found some success making devices that give existing games 3D effects, so I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft announce a 3D gaming breakthrough.

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