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Behind the Post of ‘Avatar’

By December 16, 2009Newswires

Behind the Post of ‘Avatar’
by Jay Ankeney

By the time you read this, millions of 3D film fans will have experienced the forest moon Pandora and its fiercely beautiful blue-skinned inhabitants, the Na’vi. But as of this writing, the post production on James Cameron’s gigantic sci-fi production, “Avatar,” was still in high gear.

In fact, all of the theaters intending to show “Avatar” on 3D screens had not even been converted to stereoscopic presentation, although they were predicted to eventually number almost 4,000 in the United State alone including most of the existing RealD, Dolby Digital and IMAX 3D venues along with some 2D presentations.

However, with upwards of $500 million having been invested in this film’s production and publicity, the industry buzz is rampant—will “Avatar” mark the dawn of a new era of mega hits that will propel 3D into the mainstream of feature film production?

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