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World`s First 3D Laser Projector Unveiled by Prismatic Magic

By December 16, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

World`s First 3-D Laser Projector Unveiled by Prismatic Magic

FORT WORTH, Texas, Dec. 15 — Prismatic Magic, LLC, today introduced Laser-3D, the world`s first 3-D laser projection system on the eve of the 50th anniversary (in 2010) of the invention of the laser. Laser-3D combines the vibrant, scintillating colors of traditional laser-light shows with full-color, stereoscopic 3-D technology. Laser-3D marks the latest technical milestone in Prismatic Magic`s effort to enhance laser projection technology for novel applications in entertainment and academic settings.

"Laser-3D is unique in that it fuses two of the most popular concepts in the public consciousness, `lasers` and `3-D`, into a single, dazzling visualization medium," said Christopher Volpe, Ph.D., Prismatic Magic`s president. "And we believe that Laser-3D is an important step towards the holy grail of projection technology – free-floating, holographic objects."

Prismatic Magic`s Laser-3D is an extension of 3-D technology developed by Infitec GmbH, the same high-quality 3-D system used by Dolby 3-D Digital Cinema(TM). "We designed Laser-3D around Infitec`s 3-D format because, in comparison to other stereoscopic formats, it clearly results in the most realistic 3-D effect." said Dr. Volpe. "It also is the most versatile."

Laser-3D works by generating left and right duplicate images that are slightly offset from one another. Each image is projected by its own dedicated red, green, and blue (RGB) laser subsystem. The laser wavelengths of each subsystem are tuned 10-30 nanometers from one another in order to match the optical transmission of Infitec`s reusable 3-D glasses. By allowing each eye to see only one RGB image, the 3-D glasses create a stereoscopic parallax, which is interpreted by the wearer as a full-color, 3-D laser image.

"Prismatic Magic`s experience with laser projection and our experience in 3-D complement one another in an ideal way to form a new and unique product," said Helmut Jorke, the founder and CEO of Infitec.

Laser-3D is projected onto any lightly-colored, smooth surface. No special screen is required. The system is compact and portable allowing transport and projection indoors and outdoors.

Eight complete 40-minute 3-D programs are expected to be initially available, with additional content created on an ongoing basis. Laser-3D systems are expected to be commercially available early 2010.

About Prismatic Magic

Founded in 2003, Prismatic Magic LLC is a pioneer in laser display technology and laser-light show content development. With over two thousand laser programs performed last year, the Company has established an unparalleled record of achievement with laser display technology for both educational and entertainment applications. In the education domain, the Company`s portfolio of traveling science outreach program is the largest nationwide, having reached over two million students at 5,000 schools to date.

About Infitec

Infitec GmbH, founded in 2002 and located in Ulm, Germany, is a spin-off from Daimler. The company holds the rights of the Infitec stereo technology, which are licensed, amongst others, to Dolby Inc. for use of the technology in Digital Cinema.

SOURCE Prismatic Magic LLC

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