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Avatar – Digital Spy Review

By December 15, 2009Newswires

by Stella Papamichael

Self-proclaimed `King of the World` James Cameron directs another film of Titanic proportions, this time creating a blue planet to the tune of $300m (or $400 according to some reports) where a US marine Jake Sully (Terminator 4`s Sam Worthington) is adopted by the natives. They look a bit like Blue Man Group on steroids, as does Jake when he assumes their form, or Avatar, through cutting-edge digital technology. The method is so sophisticated, Cameron had to wait over a decade for the science bods to catch up with him. A pity the same can`t be said for the script. This could have been Dances With Wolves on acid, but instead it`s like a rave with hippies (on acid). Trippy, but not as deep as it thinks it is.

The indigenous people – the Na`vi – are at one with nature on their earth-like moon, Pandora. Cameron flies us in over this lush, tropical paradise – and there`s a lot to take in – as Jake ponders the adventure that lies ahead. After his brother`s death, Jake is enlisted to replace him in a mission to `win hearts and minds` on Pandora, only because his DNA closely matches the Avatar that was genetically engineered for this purpose. The perks for Jake include the use of two legs after being rendered paralysed from the waist down. That`s just as well because he quite fancies Neytiri, a sort of Amazonian warrior princess played by Zoe Saldana (Uhura from Star Trek). It`s a tempestuous and utterly pedestrian romance that flowers between them.

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