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How to Pick a Great Flat Screen TV:Sony bets on 3D to boost

By December 15, 2009Newswires

How to Pick a Great Flat Screen TV, And Not Get Sucked In By Marketing Hype: Sony bets on 3D to boost television sales
by Adam Turner

Sony is aiming for images that literally leap out of the screen with its push for 3D televisions

Sony`s TV business has been bleeding money for six years, yet Sony president and CEO Howard Stringer has set a goal of making a profit next financial year. His secret weapon will be delivering 3D viewing into our lounge rooms.

Sony is set to release its first 3D-capable television next year, letting viewers choose to watch in 2D mode or 3D mode while wearing special glasses. By 2013, the consumer electronics giant hopes that somewhere between 30 and 50 per cent of all new Sony televisions sold will include 3D features.

Sony is aiming for more than US$11.4 billion in revenue from 3D related products in 2013, spread across areas such as televisions, disc players and game consoles. Sony Executive Deputy President, Hiroshi Yoshioka, recently said he sees strong potential in video games. His comments came a week after Sony flagged 3D gaming as one of the five keys to the future of the PlayStation 3 in a presentation to investors and shareholders – noting that all "PS3 units will be firmware upgradeable to 3D".

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