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Technicolor ready for 3D at home

By December 12, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Technicolor ready for 3D at home
PHYSICAL: Replicator expects advanced Blu-ray replication in early 2010
by Susanne Ault

Replicator Technicolor is preparing to create and replicate 3D Blu-ray titles as early as the first half of 2010.

Manufacturing 3D Blu-ray requires no upgrades to current replication machines. However, there has been significant development and innovation needed on the creation side to be primed for 3D. Technicolor is rolling out new software for authoring, encoding and subtitling.

In particular, subtitling has presented unique challenges for 3D because of concerns that eye-popping imagery could block out the words on screen. Yet Technicolor believes it has worked out a placement solution so 3D technology won’t interfere with subtitle use.

“On the replication side, it has been a pretty straight-forward process,” said Ahmad Ouri, chief marketing officer of Thomson/Technicolor. “We are using the same machines, and there are no major changes. We are developing new encoding, authoring and subtitling tools. We are building something new, and we want to be the first to deliver on all of these components. I have no doubt that in the first half of next year, our technology will be ready.”

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