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Interview: Avatar`s Sam Worthington

By December 11, 2009Newswires

Interview: Avatar`s Sam Worthington
by Alun Palmer and Sian Edwards

He was just an Aussie bricklayer when he went along to support a girlfriend at a drama school audition.

He was persuaded to read a passage, was offered a part and never looked back.

Now aged 33, Sam Worthington is set to become a household name after landing a star role in James Cameron`s Avatar, the 3D blockbuster which is set to stun cinema audiences from next Thursday.

In it, Perth-born Sam plays a crippled marine called Jake Sully who joins a special programme where he inhabits the body of genetically created being so a mining company can exploit the resources of the planet Pandora.

Here he tells The Ticket about making the film.

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