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Avatar: 3-D technology takes viewers into another world

By December 11, 2009Newswires

Avatar: 3-D technology takes viewers into another world
It is the most expensive film in history, a 3-D epic that took 15 years to reach the screen and led to rumours in Hollywood that its director had lost his grip on reality.
by Anita Singh

While the critics’ verdict on Avatar is yet to be delivered, those watching a preview screening were left in no doubt that James Cameron’s sci-fi blockbuster was a step beyond anything they had seen before.

The technology employed is formidable, the effects remarkable and a pair of plastic glasses is all that is needed for the viewer to become immersed in another world.

The film, which had its world premiere in London on Thursday night, is set on a distant planet populated by aliens. Their blue, saucer-eyed faces caused sniggers when they were seen for the first time in a trailer earlier this year, but the strangest thing about Avatar is that after 15 minutes of watching, they don’t seem that strange. This is Cameron’s greatest success.

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