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Rodriguez: `Avatar` `like working on Star Wars -the 1st one`

By December 11, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Michelle Rodriguez says `Avatar` was `like working on `Star Wars` — the first one`
by Jevon Phillips

JP: Did you have the sense that you were working on something historic? A lot of people view the film as a key moment in special-effects film, at least in its ambitions.

MR: To me, it was like working on "Star Wars" — the first one. You know how now you watch "Star Wars" ["Episode I" in 1999] and you`re like "I could`ve rented or bought the video game then I`d be in control of what`s happening` — because everything`s so digital and it doesn`t feel real. But you watch the first one ["Episode IV" in 1977] and I don`t know how you feel, but I wonder, `Why does this feel so much greater than the digitized world he [George Lucas] created now?` And I realize it`s because of the props. And that`s the kind of live-action world that Jim created.

JP: That`s very cool.

MR: It is! Especially when you see these big giant robot things that the military has. Those things are cool, man! The actor that played the captain guy literally had to climb on a ladder to get into these things.

JP: When you signed up to do this, did you expect to see and do the types of things that you do working on this movie?

MR: I expected nothing less. I`ve always been a big fan of Jim Cameron. He`s the first director that I`ve loved for a lot of years and actually got to work with. And I`m surprised cause I`m known to be a crazy wild card, a maverick of sorts.

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