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Cameron biographer says he is half scientist, half artist

By December 11, 2009Newswires

James Cameron biographer says the `Avatar` director is half scientist, half artist
by Mark Milian

All eyes are on James Cameron with the imminent release of the most expensive movie of all time. "Avatar" may very well be the 55-year-old director`s masterwork in an already astounding film career. Yet most people know very little about him.

If Cameron, the man, is known for anything besides his reservedness, it`s his pension for being very critical — explicitly when necessary — and doing so in a painfully truthful way.

Providing some insight into the man behind the high-tech, 3-D camera gizmo, Rebecca Keegan`s "The Futurist: The Life and Films of James Cameron" is an honest, fascinating glimpse into the mind and history of Cameron.

Hero Complex`s Mark Milian got on the phone today with Keegan, a Los Angeles resident and a Time magazine contributor, to discuss her first book, as she was getting ready to attend a screening of "Avatar" in Hollywood.

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