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Avatar: We shouldn`t be telling you this – but it`s good

By December 11, 2009Newswires

Avatar: We shouldn`t really be telling you this – but it`s good
James Cameron`s 3D $250m blockbuster Avatar premieres, and it`s gripping (if a little cheesy in parts)
by Mark Brown

It has been one of the most hyped movies of the decade: the return of James Cameron with a $230m-plus 3D inter-species action movie that will, some observers say, decide the future of the industry.

Today it arrived with 20th Century Fox choosing London to launch Avatar, Cameron`s sole movie in 12 years – the last being Titanic.

Cameron said he was just relieved the movie was finally out there. "We can hold our heads high. We got the picture done by the skin of our teeth. It`s been a four-and-a-half-year process and it`s a relief to let people see it, to quit talking about it, to forget the rumours."

And there have been a lot of rumours. Rumours that the budget was double the stated amount, more like $500m; that the 3D effects were making people nauseous; that the film, two hours and 40 minutes long, was a complete car crash.

The Guardian can reveal that the last two are untrue. The film does not make you feel sick and it is not a disaster. All journalists watching the movie in Fox`s Soho headquarters had to sign a form agreeing not to publish a review or even express a professional opinion online or in print before Monday. So by saying Avatar was really much, much better than expected, that it looked amazing and that the story was gripping – if cheesy in many places – the Guardian is in technical breach of the agreement. It is not a breach, however, to report that other journalists leaving the screening were also positive: the terrible film that some had been anticipating had not materialised. It was good.

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