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i-Station Making Huge Hit in 3D Movie Market

By December 10, 2009Newswires

i-Station Making Huge Hit in 3D Movie Market

i-Station presented its first three-dimensional (3D) glasses in the beginning of 2007 and the company`s sales have skyrocketed within 2 years by more than 200 times. Following the release of many 3D movies, the company is expecting to sell more than 30 million of its 3D glasses. On top of that they are looking at a stable growth of their company.

The i-Station is a fast-growing company that specializes in new technology. The company was first founded in 1999 as a mobile multimedia corporation and was listed on KOSDAQ in 2002. i-Station is an integrated convergence company that promises to their customers that they will show only the newest technology that keeps pace with the growing IT industry. The company`s founder is Kim Tae-sup. Many noted newspapers and media channels have called on this company`s attention on the 8th for selling 10 million 3D glasses.

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