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CES to showcase S3D

By December 9, 2009Newswires

CES to showcase S3D
DLP Link for theater among introductions
by David S. Cohen

For about a year, stereo 3D (S3D) for the home has been the "next big thing," though official standards have been slow to arrive and devices have been mostly at the demo stage. Fox`s "Avatar" is expected to be the "dam-burster" (in Jeff Katzenberg`s parlance) for live-action S3D pics and to further boost fan interest in S3D movies.Tokyo — Bandai Channel, a toon specialty channel, plans to encode its pay toon content to protect copyright holders and foil freeloaders.

But home S3D devices are expected to be a major component of next month`s Consumer Electronics Show, and at least one player in the S3D space isn`t waiting until then to make a splash.

Xpand, the only current purveyor of active/shutter glass S3D for movie theaters, is making an aggressive move in hopes of becoming the de facto standard for home 3D, introducing technology that will make millions of existing computer monitors and laptop screens "3D-ready" overnight — but only with Xpand glasses.

Company`s active shutter glasses have electronics built in that cause each lens in turn to darken to solid black, then lighten again, many times a second, so the viewer only sees out of lens at a time (a.k.a. "frame sequential"). The glasses pick up a signal from the projector to stay in sync with the screen. Imax 3D led the S3D revival in the 1990s with a similar active-glasses system.

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