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Industry tech mavens talk future of 3D

By December 9, 2009Newswires

Industry tech mavens talk future of 3D
Studios predict big changes in home entertainment
By Cynthia Littleton

Get ready for 3D in the home, because it`s going to hit big in the next 18 months, a panel of top industry tech mavens predicted at Variety`s Future of Film confab in Santa Monica.

Ed Leonard, chief technology officer of DreamWorks Animation, said he sees a fast adoption of 3D-capable screens in the home because the technolgy is there. "It`s extraordinary," Leonard said during the sesh moderated by David S. Cohen, Variety`s associate editor of features.

Chris Carey, exec VP of worldwide technical operations for Paramount, noted that there`s very little additional cost for people with HD TV sets to be able to access 3D. Those technologies should be very prominent at next month`s Consumer Electronics Show, Carey said.

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