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Director of Juno, Jason Reitman – "First off, I hate 3D."

By December 6, 2009Newswires

Check out this interview, and the comments about 3D.

Interview with Jason Reitman, co-writer/director of Up in the Air

REITMAN: First off, I hate 3D.

EFilmCritic: Basically, it`s like watching the world`s most garish Christmas display for ninety minutes but without the emotional depth.

REITMAN: (Laughs.) Wow. I like Christmas displays.

EFilmCritic: The WORST one. Let`s talk about a good movie now.

REITMAN: I have to admit that I don`t like the new Avatar trailer. Everyone likes the new one. It`s the one everyone gets excited about. I`m like, "I want to love this movie SO bad." I`m the biggest [James] Cameron fan. I love every one of his films. I read all this hype about the new trailer. I went and watched and I was like, "Oh. It still seems pretty goofy to me."

Read the whole story here: … in-the-air

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