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LG 1st mass pro Full HD 3D, Dog The Bounty Hunter approved

By December 3, 2009Newswires

Imagine my surprise when I spotted " the dog and his wife", lurking in the background of this promotion shot. Were they even invited by LG for promotional work, who knows, curious as he bears his chest in in all its glory free of charge. LOL

The 3D revolution, whether you like it or not, is gathering steam. LG has just announced the world`s first mass produced Full HD 3D-capable monitor, which spans 23 inches diagonally and looks to sport a pleasingly minimal bezel. The company hasn`t spilled much in the way of further info yet, though the PR blurb (after the break) makes mention of Korea`s plans to introduce Full HD 3D broadcasts, as well as satellite 3D broadcasting trials set to take place in the UK and Japan. Based on shutter glasses tech — which seems likely to be the way forward — this panel benefits from such great buzzwords as a "copper bus line" and a "high performance 3D exclusive controller," the benefits of which we`ll have to wait a little while longer to discover. CES 2010, here we come.
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LG first to hit mass production with Full HD 3D LCD monitors originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 03 Dec 2009 05:46:00 EST.

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