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`Cloudy` 3D ad marks magazine milestone

By December 1, 2009Newswires

`Cloudy` 3D ad marks magazine milestone
Virtual Images pioneered technology for THR`s print cover
by Paul Bond

Monday`s "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" cover of the print edition of The Hollywood Reporter is a milestone: the first time a 3D print ad looks about as good as the movie it promotes.

The ad was made 3D by Virtual Images, the same company that creates 3D packaging for DVDs like "Watchmen: Director`s Cut" and posters for movies like "Final Destination 4."

Print publications have dabbled with 3D in the past, with results that weren`t exactly attention-grabbing. But Virtual Images uses a proprietary technology that has already impressed studios, which have not only embraced posters and DVD packaging but also more unusual promotional pieces created by Virtual Images, like 3D movie images on collectible celluloid.

Read the whole story here and view the cover: … 5a3d4b919a

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