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Marketers Jump on Avatar Bandwagon with Augmented Reality

By December 1, 2009Newswires

Marketers Jump on Avatar Bandwagon with Augmented Reality
by Kevin Coll

Over the past few weeks I have began to see many commercials for products on television helping spread the word for the new Avatar movie. I began to wonder how and what advertisers were joining the James Cameron project bandwagon. It seems like Avatar’s mystique and epic feel is the attraction but also Cameron’s name alone can sell the movie as an evolution and what product wouldn’t want to be apart of that?

In Avatar, Cameron uses stereoscopic 3D for its production. This is an evolutionary technique in film making where Cameron creates photo-realistic computer-generated characters by using motion capture animation technology and observe directly on a monitor how the actors’ virtual counterparts interact with the movie’s digital world in real time and adjust and direct the scenes just as if shooting live action.

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