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Behind the scenes with Sky 3D TV

By November 30, 2009Newswires

Behind the scenes with Sky 3D TV
Changing the TV game
by Patrick Goss

When Sky first showed off its efforts at screening 3D TV back in December, TechRadar was there, feeling impressed but a little concerned that, with no firm commitments, it amounted to little more than a publicity stunt.

3D, after all, has been the `next big thing` for decades, and although the latest round of polarised stereoscopic 3D is a world away from the anaglyphic coloured lens disappointments of the past, nobody would deny that it`s going to take a massive push to convince the public that 3D is more than a gimmick.

But then Sky backed up the sports footage that it had shown that day with a commitment to bring a dedicated 3D channel to its satellite platform by the end of 2010, and continued spending huge amounts of money learning just how to take the lessons learned from the new raft of 3D movies and take it to the sport and arts coverage that has established it in the UK.

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