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Sensio and Cyberlink Join Forces

By November 30, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires


MONTREAL, Qc, November, 30 2009 – SENSIO Technologies Inc. ("SENSIO") (TSX Venture Exchange Inc.: SIO), the inventor of the SENSIO® 3D technology, and CyberLink signed a letter of intent to integrate SENSIO’s software solution, the S3D software decoder, into Cyberlink’s PowerDVD videoplayer. PowerDVD is the leading DVD, Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD movie player software application, chosen by top-brand PCs and optical disc drives purchased by consumers and businesses around the world. The all new SENSIO and CyberLink solution will enable consumers to view movies on their computer in 3D and will be on demonstration as early as January at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, at the SENSIO stand (S20931).

"We are delighted to work with SENSIO to deliver the next generation of home entertainment on CyberLink`s industry leading video playback application, PowerDVD," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "By leveraging SENSIO`s advance 3D technologies within PowerDVD we are able to enhance the movie watching experience and offer consumers another dimension for enjoying DVDs and Blu-ray movies."

“SENSIO is a company of firsts – it was the first to do live 3D broadcasts, to present a Full 3D HD solution and to have its format standardized. We are very pleased to cooperate with CyberLink, the PC digital multimedia development leader. This agreement is another step that confirms our momentum in the consumer electronics market and that moves us closer to our objective of becoming the de facto standard for PC platforms, playstations and 3D televisions,” explains Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Both companies are committed to work together in promoting their new solution with studios and standardization bodies. The letter of intent also provides for both companies to pursue their joint promotional efforts at upcoming trade fairs.

CyberLink PowerDVD 9, the latest in the award winning PowerDVD series, brings uncompromising HD movie playback for Blu-ray Disc and other leading HD formats, DVD enhancement features, high-definition audio support, animated browsing and a many other groundbreaking features to the PC.

The S3D decoder or the "SENSIO Stereoscopic Software Decoder" is a software version of the SENSIO® 3D decoder which has been sold for some years on the consumer electronics market. The new SENSIO® 3D software application can be integrated into any videoplayer software and allows for the display of 3D contents on a computer equipped with a 2D or 3D screen.

About CyberLink

CyberLink Corp is the leader and pioneer in enabling digital multimedia on PCs and CEs through the use of video editing software, DVD player software, and other multimedia solutions. Backed by a group of high-caliber software engineers, CyberLink owns its core codec and a number of patented technologies. CyberLink has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, interoperable, and fast time-to-market solutions that keep our OEM partners on the leading edge. Our business partners include leaders in the PC industry: drive manufacturers, graphics-card makers, and top-5 desktop and notebook brands. Today, CyberLink’s software solutions include: complete applications for Blu-ray Discs, digital home entertainment, TV-on-PC and human resource development. With customers spanning from multi-national corporations to small/medium-sized businesses, and from power users to home users, CyberLink has enjoyed rapid and consistent growth leading to a record breaking IPO in 2000 on the Taiwan Over The Counter Exchange (OTC: 5203). Currently, CyberLink is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: 5203.TW). CyberLink`s worldwide headquarters is located in Taipei. To keep up with market demands, CyberLink has operations in North America, Europe and in the Asia Pacific Region, including Japan.

About SENSIO Technologies Inc. (SENSIO):

SENSIO Technologies Inc. (TSX.V:SIO) – With its unparalleled expertise in the field of 3D video, SENSIO develops and markets Stereoscopic 3D digital compression, decompression and display formatting technologies. Its solutions are deployed on a global scale by content creators, games developers, broadcasters, specialty channels, and digital cinemas, allowing customers to generate substantial additional value-added revenue streams. Its flagship technology, SENSIO® 3D, allows the high-quality distribution of 3D content through conventional existing 2D Broadcast channels networks (cable, satellite and/or IPTV) and playback on any 3D display device, including plasma TVs, LED/LCD HDTV`s, PC and glass-free 3D displays, as well as home theater and digital cinema projectors. A true multi-platform format, SENSIO®3D is compatible with existing standard DVD and Blu-ray players as well as game consoles including Xbox® and Playstation® 3 and is the format of choice for the creation of high profile 3D gaming experiences. SENSIO is listed on the Toronto TSX Venture Exchange. For more information, please visit – We.Deliver.3D.Today.TM

SENSIO® is a registered trademark of SENSIO Technologies Inc.

Xbox® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Playstation® 3 is a registered trademark of SONY Corporation

We.Deliver.3D.Today. is a trademark of SENSIO Technologies Inc.

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