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Avatar carries weight of Hollywood`s 3-D future on shoulders

By November 27, 2009Newswires

Avatar carries weight of Hollywood`s 3-D future on its shoulders
Hollywood hopes sci-fi adventure will change the way we see movies

Like the film itself, the anticipation and buzz surrounding Avatar are heading deep into outer space.

But industry insiders say the sci-fi adventure – Canadian filmmaker James Cameron`s first feature-length film since 1997`s Titanic – is going to do more than entertain audiences; it`s going to transform the future of movies.

"There is incredible anticipation, incredible want-to-see. I think (Avatar) is a turning point. It`s going to change the way people experience movies. To be a part of that is pretty cool," said Greg Foster, chair and president of filmed entertainment for IMAX Corporation, which has worked closely with Cameron on a super-sized version of the film.

IMAX is rolling out a slew of 3-D films in 2010 in anticipation of the swelling popularity Avatar is likely to unleash, including Alice In Wonderland, Tron and a film on the Hubble Space Telescope, with footage shot by space shuttle astronauts using 3-D cameras.

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