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3D programming provides opportunities for advertisers in `10

By November 26, 2009Newswires

Next-generation 3D programming to provide opportunities for advertisers in 2010
by Fiona Ramsay

Sky plans to launch the UK`s first 3D channel, featuring movies, entertainment and sport, next year. It will be available via the current generation of Sky+HD set-top boxes, but viewers will have to upgrade their TV set to one that is 3D-ready. Samsung and Mitsubishi already offer 3D-ready TVs, while other manufacturers are planning to launch products next year.

Channel 4 last week provided a taster week of 3D programming, but distanced itself from the cutting-edge `polarisation` technology being launched by Sky.

`Our 3D Week had the theme of retro, celebration and fun. It was not about the launch of Sky`s 3D channel or Avatar [James Cameron`s 3D film, to be released in cinemas next month],` insists Chris Braithwaite, strategic sales group manager at C4. `For that reason, it was not for futuristic technology brand advertisers such as Sony and Samsung.`

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