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Avatar on 60 Minutes

By November 23, 2009Newswires

AVATAR Round-Up: 60 Minutes Piece, Runtime, New Featurette, and New Posters
by Matt Goldberg

This weekend was devoted not only to the spending power of women and their hearts/libidos, but to continuing the dominance of Avatar and its attempt to saturate the populace in coverage and marketing so thick that it could suffocate a child or pet. Over the past several days, we’ve learned the film’s official runtime, more about the film’s antagonist Colonel Quaritch (played by Stephen Lang), and seen some new international posters. Tonight, 60 Minutes devoted an entire segment to covering the film. You can see all of it after the jump, and without my editorializing because I seem to catch flack from Avatar fans no matter how much I try to convey that I’m looking forward to the film.

See the clip and read the rest of the story here: … w-posters/

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