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Virgin Media adds first 3D VOD content

By November 19, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Virgin Media adds first 3D VOD content
But it`s only anaglyph from C4`s 3D week
by Jamie Carter

Weeks after announcing its intention to host 3D content, Virgin Media has put the first 3D programmes up on its catch-up service.

The Queen in 3D and Derren Brown`s 3D Magic Spectacular are now available in the Catch Up TV and TV Choice menus, although the 3D is the dated anaglyph type and not the more modern polarised version that Sky is launching in 2010 and Virgin is trialling.

"We`re adding 3D content for the first time," a Virgin spokesperson told us before making highlights of Channel 4`s 3D festival available on its on demand service.

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