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Panasonic to promote 3D at Winter Olympics

By November 19, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Panasonic to promote 3D at Winter Olympics
PHYSICAL: Company will demo TVs, Blu-ray Disc players at 2010 Winter Games
by Susanne Ault

NOV. 19 | PHYSICAL: Panasonic will use its position as official audio/visual sponsor of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver to heavily market its advanced 3D products.

The company, which plans to launch its suite of 3D TVs and 3D Blu-ray Disc players next year, will host a ‘Full HD 3D Theater Pavilion’ at the city’s David Lam Park. During the Games’ Feb. 12-28 run, people will be able to experience Panasonic’s 3D products, including a planned 50-inch complete home theater system.

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