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Security heightened ahead of Ubisoft`s `Avatar` game release

By November 14, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Security heightened ahead of Ubisoft`s `Avatar` game release
by Clement Sabourin

MONTREAL (AFP) – Security cameras in hallways, double locked doors and strict confidentiality clauses, Ubisoft employees are working in a veritable bunker in downtown Montreal to create their latest 3D video game.

"I can`t even enter myself without being accompanied," quipped a Ubisoft spokeswoman as she tried to reach the inner sanctum of Ubisoft`s third floor offices on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Here, some 250 Ubisoft employees are hard at work on a three-dimensional game version of James Cameron`s highly-anticipated "Avatar" film.

Cameron has not released a film since his 1997 blockbuster "Titanic," which earned 11 Oscars.

His latest project, a sci-fi opus that reportedly cost a cool 300 million dollars to make, is due out on December 18, marking the debut of a new 3D process the director of two "Terminators" and "Aliens" has been working on for a decade.

At Ubisoft, the "Avatar" video game development room has been isolated from the rest of the studio and its 2,000 staff, with Pentagon-like controls on entering or leaving.

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