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Four Reasons Why Avatar Is Too Big to Fail

By November 12, 2009Newswires

John Scalzi – Four Reasons Why Avatar Is Too Big to Fail
by John Scalzi

I was forwarded this New York Times article on James Cameron`s scifi flick Avatar, and how the production and marketing of the movie will likely cost a staggering half-billion dollars. The friend who forwarded it to me wrote, "is this film ever going to make its money back?" Sure, it could, and probably will.

Some of the answers are in the article itself: First, the half-billion under discussion is not being fronted by a single studio (in this case, 20th Century Fox); it`s the entire outlay of cash, which includes funds from two other movie companies that between them are covering 60 percent of the production costs. It also includes advertising deals where one company basically uses Avatar properties while promoting their own goods; the article notes Panasonic using Avatar clips as part of a $25 million effort to push its own home theater lines.

Read the whole story here : … ctions.php

The New York Times article that the author refers to in the first paragraph was posted in the MTBS Newswire on November 9th, and can be found here: … wanted=all

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