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Is 3D the future of PC and console gaming?

By November 11, 2009Newswires

Is 3D the future of PC and console gaming?
Impressions of Batman Arkham Asylum on PC and Avatar on Xbox 360.
by Greg Howson

As anyone who has been to the cinema in the last few months will tell you 3D is everywhere. In fact it`s getting difficult to see an animated film that isn`t in 3D. Recent examples included Up and Ice Age 3. Whether 3D adds anything to those films is debatable – Up especially, has no need for it – but you can expect the trend to continue. And yes, you`ve guessed it; 3D is being touted as the next big thing in gaming too. I`ve recently tried out a couple of big 3D titles. Eidos` Batman Arkham Asylum on the PC and Ubisoft`s Avatar on the Xbox 360. Is this the future of gaming then?

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