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How the world`s first 3D laptop will impact gaming

By November 11, 2009Newswires

How the world`s first 3D laptop will impact gaming
3D gaming goes portable with the new Acer laptop.
by John Gaudiosi

While NVIDIA has been pushing stereoscopic 3D gaming since January with its GeForce Vision 3D technology, that has been relegated to desktop PCs. Now, Acer is introducing the world`s first stereoscopic 3D laptop with the Aspire 5738D. Launching in December for $799, this laptop`s 15.6-inch display has been coated with a special 3D film that clings to the panel pixel by pixel, enabling the LCD technology to deliver 3D visuals by wearing the included polarizer glasses.

The laptop comes with TriDef 3D Experience software preinstalled, which brings 3D games, movies and photos to life without needing a special graphics card like NVIDIA`s GeForce Vision. (The laptop comes equipped with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card.) The TriDef Media Player plays back videos and pictures in 3D, while TriDef Ignition turns PC games running on Direct X9 and above into 3D experiences.

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