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Ubisoft to keynote Imagina 2010 Media Day

By November 10, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Ubisoft to keynote Imagina 2010 media day
Avatar to star as conference turns attention to stereoscopic 3D
by Will Freeman

Ubisoft is to participate in the keynote opening to the Imagina 2010 event`s day-long focus on media entertainment. The publisher is set to present the game based on James Cameron`s 3D film Avatar as a case study in a session looking at stereoscopic technologies.

While final speakers from Ubisoft are still to be confirmed, they are to present the session before follow up discussions lead by stereoscopic consultant Bernard Mendiburu, tools and tech firm NVIDIA, and various others involved in the development of the 3D industry.

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