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Animated films could impact Oscars

By November 10, 2009Newswires

How do feel about Pixar`s decision NOT to submit "Up" in 3D to academy voters?

Animated films could impact Oscars
by Steven Zeitchik

The Oscar buzz this year couldn`t be higher for Pixar`s "Up," not only for best animated category but for best picture, thanks in part to a lucky-to-be-born late blessing of 10 best-picture nominations (up from the usual five).

Robert Zemeckis’ “A Christmas Carol” is likely to qualify, though its absence from a five-nomination field also could be seen as a rebuff to motion-capture technology. And 3D is likely to be a factor, though studios are taking different strategic approaches to the new technology.

Focus has opted to send out the 3D version of “Coraline,” hoping that Selick’s work is best seen that way. Pixar, however, won’t send “Up” screeners in 3D, on the assumption that busy voters don’t want to fiddle with a pair of glasses.

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