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Forget 3D. Toshiba`s Cell Regza is the future of TV

By November 6, 2009Newswires

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Forget 3D. Toshiba`s Cell Regza is the future of TV
by Peter Pachal

There`s been a lot of talk about 3D being the next big thing in TV. Next year most manufacturers are going to debut some kind of 3D set (if they haven`t already), and Hollywood is already producing plenty of 3D content, with more on the way. I`ve seen the demos of 3D video, and most of them are impressive. Some writers are convinced 3D is going to invade our living rooms, like it or not.

They`re wrong. 3D is a bold and interesting experiment, but it`s not going to get traction because it`s not what people want. Sure it`s cool and flashy, but those glasses? Deal breaker. While others duke it out over the irrelevant title of becoming the standard in 3D, one manufacturer is leading the charge to where TVs really need to go. That would be Toshiba and its Cell Regza HDTV. The destination: real convergence.

Read on to see why I think the Cell Regza is the future of TV.

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