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Blu-Con 2.0 Conference Coverage

By November 5, 2009Newswires

Blu-Con 2.0 Conference Coverage
by Mike Flacy

This Tuesday, the second Blu-Con conference was held in Beverly Hills, California. Blu-Con is entirely dedicated to the topic of Blu-ray and its potential future within the movie, hardware, software, gaming and retail industries. We jumped at the chance to attend, especially with all the underlying conversations about digital delivery versus Blu-ray adoption. We were very interested in hearing how the current state of the economy had altered the adoption rate of Blu-ray and what the industry experts expected to see in the coming months / years.

…They continued to weigh in on Blu-ray, highlighting a 10% penetration in the market to ramp into mass adoption. Currently the conversion rates is the highest on Blu-ray action adventure titles and the panel all agreed that Blu-ray 3D won’t be ready for the marketplace until late 2010. When asked about digital delivery, the panel was cautiously quiet. They did mention the possibility of digital kiosks (similar to Red Box units) that would load a digital version of the movie on your portable device.

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