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Hands on: James Cameron`s Avatar: The Game

By November 5, 2009Newswires

Hands on: James Cameron`s Avatar: The Game
We put James Cameron`s 3D Avatar game through its paces…
by Chris Jager (GamePro Australia)

“I don’t want anything associated with Avatar to suck.” These were the words used by award-winning filmmaker James Cameron at Comic-Con `09 to vindicate Avatar: The Game. Like there was ever a chance of that happening. This is, after all, the same critically lauded auteur who demands absolute perfection from everyone he works with, and frequently gets it.

After giving the game a lengthy test-drive at the Melbourne eGames Expo, we can confidentially report that James Cameron`s Avatar: The Game isn`t going to suck. The astonishing 3D alone should see to that — provided you have a compatible television.

In case you hadn`t heard, James Cameron`s Avatar: The Game is being touted as the first video game to utilise 3D stereoscopic technology (in fact, it has been beaten to the punch by several games, but none of them are worth remembering). It utilises the same three-dimensional imaging system as the movie — very boss. According to Cameron, the game has been in development for as long as the film itself, with as much attention and care lavished on it as a typical Hollywood production. (It shows on screen too, but we`ll get to that in a moment.)

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