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Lightspeed Design Polarizes Modulator for 3D HD Projection

By November 5, 2009Newswires

Lightspeed Design to Debut Polarization Modulator for Single Lens HD 3D Projection at IAAPA Expo Las Vegas – Booth #5456

Bellevue, WA, November 4, 2009 — Lightspeed Design, Inc. announced today that it will debut the new DepthQ(R) Polarization Modulator for single lens HD 3D projection solutions at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo (IAAPA-Booth #5456), Las Vegas, Nevada, November 17-20. The new modulator, available in two sizes, will be paired with the DepthQ(R) HD 3D Projector to demonstrate small applications and the Christie(R) Mirage Projector to demonstrate large theaters.

The new DepthQ(R) Polarization Modulator electronically switches the polarization orientation of light passing through it. In combination with a polarization-preserving screen and a single-lens stereoscopic 3D projector, the modulator enables high-brightness, low-ghost viewing using lightweight and comfortable passive 3D eyewear. The DepthQ(R) HD 3D Projector with the small modulator can produce image sizes up to 9ft. (2.74m) wide. Larger HD 3D projectors with the large modulator can produce image sizes up to 25ft. (7.62m) wide.

Chris Ward, President of Lightspeed, said, “Until now, single lens 3D solutions with passive eyewear have been cost-prohibitive for all but major Digital Cinemas and the biggest theme park attractions. The DepthQ(R) Polarization Modulator, packaged with either the DepthQ(R) HD 3D Projector, Christie(R) Mirage or other comparable 3D projectors, allows Lightspeed to provide high-quality, professional, flexibly priced, single lens HD 3D for large or small theatrical eCinema installations, 4D attractions, dark rides, museums, simulators, scientific & industrial visualization and academic institutions. We are currently in development of a larger modulator to accommodate upwards of 12,000 ANSI Lumens for even wider screen images.”

Advantages of the DepthQ(R) Polarization Modulator include:

Viewer Comfort

* Passive glasses are very lightweight
* Single-projector eliminates asymmetry between eyes
* No bulb differences (intensity and color temperature)

Ease of Set-up

* Modulator placement is simple and forgiving – just set it in front of the projector
* No time-consuming alignment

Lower Cost/Maintenance

* No moving parts
* Less hardware than two projectors
* Passive eyewear is inexpensive

Options for Viewing

* Creates circular or linear polarization (pre-configured)
* Passive polarized glasses are available in many styles – paper, plastic, wire-frame


* Available in two sizes: Small, for projectors with apertures <2.75 inches (69.85mm); and Large, for projectors with apertures <7.12 inches (180.85mm)
* Enables a wide range of applications – from theme parks & commercial 3D theaters to scientific & industrial visualization

Flexible Pricing

* Pricing model reflects application and use

The DepthQ(R) Polarization Modulator is manufactured by LC-Tec Displays AB in Borlange, Sweden, a company with extensive experience in developing, manufacturing and bringing to the market novel LCD products based on emerging technologies. The modulator utilizes a unique combination of separate liquid crystal elements bonded together, enabling both high polarization efficiency over visible wavelengths from 400 to 750 nm (predominantly achromatic spectral response) as well as fast transition switching speeds (<0.5ms at room temperature) between polarization states at frequencies such as 120Hz, 144 Hz (maximum 400Hz). Efficient, high-speed switching between the eyes ensures bright, low-crosstalk, flicker-free operation.

The system includes both the liquid-crystal modulator with its mounting and its control unit. A standard sync output from your graphics card or projector is supplied to the control unit, which then conditions the signal to match the modulator’s required input. The optical window is also heat-tolerant and can operate at temperatures up to 75 degrees Celsius.

Lightspeed Design, Inc. has been granted the exclusive worldwide rights to market and sell the high-speed liquid crystal Polarization Modulator devices manufactured by LC-Tec Displays AB for stereoscopic 3D visualization products. Private-label sales agreements are available to qualified Original Equipment Manufactures.


Lightspeed Design, Inc., headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA, is one of the world’s premiere designers of stereoscopic 3D (s3D) presentations, projection, and image-processing software technologies and has been a leader in stereoscopic 3D for over sixteen years.

Products and services include surgical display technology for stereoscopic robotic surgery, portable HD 3D projectors, stereoscopic video capture and playback software, custom installations and support, and 2D/3D production and design.


LC-Tec Displays AB, with headquarters in Borlange, Sweden, started operations in 1992 and has extensive experience in manufacturing and developing liquid crystal devices (optical-shutters & custom LCD’s) on an R&D, prototyping and volume manufacturing level. Its 270-square-meter modern clean-room facilities house an STN-LCD manufacturing-line possessing a high degree of automation. This allows for both high-volume manufacturing together with good product quality and yield.

DepthQ(R) is a registered trademark of Lightspeed Design, Inc. Christie(R) is a registered trademark of Christie Digital Systems. All rights reserved.

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