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Pavonine Introduces High Resolution 2D/3D LCD Convertible St

By November 4, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Pavonine Introduces High Resolution 2D/3D LCD Convertible Stereoscopic Displays
Miracube 3D Display Will Allow Fascinating 3D Picture Quality and Freedom of Movement

LITTLE FERRY, NJ–(Marketwire – November 4, 2009) – Pavonine, an emerging leader in the 3D stereoscopic display industry in Korea, announced today that they will introduce high resolution 2D/3D convertible monitors that allow you to experience 3D contents in all stereo imaging formats. According to Pavonine, its Miracube series 3D Monitors support Interlaced, Frame/Field Sequential, Side-Field and Sub-Field, and these various forms of spatial images can be reproduced without any restrictions.

The Miracube G-Series separates images by using polarizing micro-optics that split a single display into two different polarized views, which are adjusted when users wear the polarized glasses. The company is currently offering 17", 19", 24", 32" and 46" amazing 3D displays. All monitors can easily switch between 2D and 3D, so that users may play games in 3D and surf the Internet in 2D.

Pavonine`s Miracube monitors have already made quite a splash in the US market, through a number of mass media. Last January, Ad-Hoc-News said, "In CES2008, Pavonine Korea presented its latest technological development, a new 3D Display technology that will bring further improvements in brightness, viewing angles, viewing distance and simplicity of the manufacturing process. WGP (Wire Grid Polarizer) Displays eliminate any limitations regarding the viewing angles, allowing the viewers to see a perfect 3D result."

The company`s Miracube will be introduced in the US market, first in game, design, medical, military, research, and business industries, no later than summer of this year, through a strong partnership with SYNET.

Pavonine`s Miracube 3D Displays are now distributed by SYNET, located in Little Ferry, New Jersey.

Miracube 3D display is showcased at the IT Channel USA Conference 2009 held in Santa Clara, CA on Nov 3-4, 2009, organized by SYNET and sponsored by Korea IT Research Institute (KITRI).

About SYNET:

SYNET is a New Jersey-based professional sales & marketing firm focused on establishing and promoting strategic partnerships between the North American Market & prospective Korean IT companies, and providing them with the fastest gateway to successfully penetrate the North American market.

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