Box office boost shows 3D is here to stay

By November 4, 2009Newswires

Box office boost shows 3D is here to stay
by Romain Raynaldy

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Once regarded as a quirky fad for nerds wearing cardboard spectacles, 3D films are enjoying a mainstream renaissance and this time the medium is here to stay, entertainment industry experts say.

3D has come a long way since its 1950s golden age when films such as "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" thrilled audiences and these technological advances are fueling a box office boom.

From Pixar`s hit animated movie "Up" to "Titanic" director James Cameron`s upcoming science fiction epic "Avatar", 2009 has seen 3D movies return with a vengeance across North American cinema screens.

The bonanza has even led to talk of classic films — such as Cameron`s "Titanic" — being reworked in 3D and re-released.

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