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10 Movies That Should Be 3D

By November 3, 2009Newswires

10 Movies That Should Be 3D
The 3D Conversion Should Start With These Fine Films
by Ken Pasini

The growth of IMAX into mainstream cinema has arrived. Although 3D has been around for years, no major breakthroughs in this technology have occurred over the last several decades. This however, is no longer be the case. Several large budget films from the last few years, such as Superman Returns and Journey to the Center of the Earth, were released as a standard format, as well as in a 3D format that married this technology with the IMAX experience. The recent 3D remake of ‘My Bloody Valentine’ did considerably well at the box office, when compared to that of the non-3D release of ‘Friday the 13th’(both within weeks of each other. Studios now feel that enough market demand exists for 3D films, and the technology is improving. James Cameron recognized this trend years ago, and his upcoming ‘Avatar’ should be a 3D affects laden marvel, if nothing else. Even films that were released in standard format are now being upgraded to 3D (Toy Story 1 & 2). This trend has prompted your latest Mania List. Films infused with mesmerizing affects and distinct ‘depth of field’ visuals were the criteria used to justify Mania’s list of films that we think are ripe for a 3D overhaul. Multi-colored glasses are not required for perusing the following.

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