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3D TV: Sure win or long shot?

By November 3, 2009Newswires

3D TV: Sure win or long shot?

If a panel at a display conference is any indication, the possibility of 3D entertainment in the home is a foregone conclusion, at least if you believe Japan consumer electronics giants such as Sony and Panasonic.

More accurately, 3D is a matter of survival for these companies, whose two-dimensional sales continue to decline.

At FPD International 2009, top executives promoting Blu-ray systems—from Panasonic and Sony, respectively—made clear that they are ready for a 2010 launch of full HD 3D-equipped Blu-ray players and matching 3D TV sets.

The new 3D Blu-ray format, whose standardization is scheduled to finish at the end of this year, will use two 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution frames, one for the right eye and another for the left eye. 3D disks will maintain backward compatibility with 2D Blu-ray players, so that new disks can be played back in 2D on current Blu-ray hardware.

While there will be a single standard for 3D Blu-ray disks and players, the market is likely to see fragmented 3D display technologies on new 3D TV sets.

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