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BBC`s Olympics Group trying to bring the 2012 Olympics in 3D

By November 2, 2009Newswires

BBC`s Digital Olympics Group pursuing avenues to bring the 2012 Olympics in 3D
by Tom Hall

The BBC has told AV that it is researching ways to enhance its coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games, with 3D and Super HD (7680 × 4320 pixels) looking likely.

The publically funded corporation has formed a Digital Olympics Group, which is drawing up a paper to decide which events would be best to capture stereoscopically.

"We are looking at how this might be achieved and whether it would be possible and useful to show the footage at some stage in cinemas or on big screens," said BBC technology publicist Sarah Mines.

"The 2012 Olympics is a massively important event so as we have said before it is likely that broadcasters will seek to capture elements of the games in 3D."

Read the whole story here: … ympics-3D/

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