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Watch for it: 3D the next level of visual entertainment

By November 2, 2009Newswires

Watch for it: 3D the next level of visual entertainment
More 3D games and movies heading your way – funny glasses and theatres not necessarily required
by Raju Mudhar

There is a wave of 3D coming at you. Now, while most of you have probably just recently made the switch to HD, the film, gaming and graphics industries are already committed to an attempt to move us all up to the next level – adding depth, literally, to every kind of visual entertainment.

It`s not far off. In the past month, I have seen movies, commercials, music videos, concert footage, sports, played video games, seen it on an iPhone and even shot a 3D picture with a digital camera. There have been wow-gee-whiz moments, and some "that looks a bit like a moving cardboard cutout" disappointments, but no matter where you look, the biggest names in entertainment are betting big that it`s going to become the norm – that much of what you watch on any screen will soon be 3D.

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