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HDI`s laser-driven 3D HDTV hits production, should ship next

By October 30, 2009Newswires

It the tv everyone one here wants.

Polarized glasses=FTW Full HD per eye with tons of color and awesomness
:woot but with polarized glasses

When we first caught wind of HDI`s "world`s first laser-based 3D HDTV," we were cautiously hopeful that it`d be ready to go (at least as a prototype) at CES 2010. Looks like we may actually get our wish, as the company has today announced that its magical set has reached the manufacturing stage. What`s it all mean? It means that the set is being fast-tracked for release in 2010, meaning that you`re just months away from having stereoscopic 1,920 x 1,080 content in your living room… provided there`s actually any programming to view, that is. Of course, it`ll handle the 2D stuff too, and the twin RGP LCoS micro-display imagers in there ought to provide plenty of crisp imagery regardless of the source. We`re still not sure if the Woz-approved 100-inch version that`s being shown to curious onlookers is the size that`ll be pumped out to the mainstream, but we`re hoping for at least a few smaller siblings for those of us with last names other than Kennedy, Gates, Buffet and Ellison.


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