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Ready or not, the latest 3D technology is coming home

By October 26, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Ready or not, the latest 3D technology is coming home
by Ben Drawbaugh

Now wait one second before you start on the whole "I`m not wearing any stupid looking glasses," because no matter what you say, there are more people paying extra to go 3D movies than ever and the reason is simple; it`s because this isn`t like the crappy 3D you saw during the Super Bowl last year — or that our parents grew up with. No, the 3D that Sony, Panasonic, and others are promising next year is like nothing you`ve seen. We`ve come a long way since the old anaglyph red and blue glasses that come in cereal boxes, so before you knock the new technology before it`s even out, click through and read about the technologies that might bring us a real 3D revolution.

3D, the basics

We have two eyes for a reason and while we`ve enjoyed stereo sound since-like-forever, stereoscopic images haven`t quite arrived. At its core, 3D is as simple as using two cameras to capture the data that our eyes would, but it`s the display part that`s proven tricky. Ultimately, the technology has to find a way to present each eye with a different variation of an image, at that point our eyes and brain do the rest.

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